On the afternoon of November 14, eight BalkanRytmer dancers gathered at Gallo Skolen in
Risskov anticipating their audience. The event they came for was “An afternoon with Balkan

The event started with a presentation on the old and still living dancing traditions in Bulgaria.
Afterwards, BalkanRytmer’s frontman, Duško Kukoleča, talked on the topic of “My Life in the

After a short coffee break, the event continued with Balkan dances. BalkanRytmer performed
a Greek, Bulgarian and Serbian dance choreography. In the final part, all event participants
had a chance to try the dances and learn the steps.

And just like that 25 people shared the magic and lively music of the Balkan circle dances.

We thank Gallo Skolen and its members for a great afternoon!

See a video of BalkanRytmer dancing and performing at Gallo Skole here.