About the Balkan dances

IMG_0183Join BalkanRytmer and learn to dance a great variety of chain dances from different ethnographic areas of the Balkan region (Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia etc). We dance the most popular dances from the Balkan countries such as sirtaki, kalamatianos, hassapikos, pravo horo, dunavsko horo, stara vlajna, ravno oro and many others.

Great variety in terms of dynamics, even and uneven music beats with odd and quite complex time signatures are typical for the Balkan dances.

The Balkan dances are very popular and are part of the everyday local life on the Balkan peninsula. People have the chance to enjoy those dances everywhere they go in the Balkan region – local restaurant or tavern with live music, weddings, birthdays, holiday celebrations and many other occasions.

Furthermore, there are special discos where only folklore music is being played. Folkloric music is played all night long and there are even dance competitions between dancing groups from different dance clubs.