Dancing lessons for weddings

IMG_0107If you are to go to a wedding in Bulgaria but you are unaware about the culture and the local folklore dances, we can offer a short intensive course in the most popular folklore dances at weddings in order for you to feel confident and to enjoy yourself on the dance floor.

If you are to be a best man/woman at a Bulgarian wedding and you are worried that there are many traditions involving dances, where the best man/woman should take an active role, you have come to the right place. We will teach you how to cope brilliantly with your role as a best man/woman on the dance floor.

IMG_2817A very typical dance competition that requires the main involvement of the best man/ woman is called “Kumuva rachenica”. It is a competition between best man/woman and a few dancers in the most heated moments of the wedding. The aim is the best man/woman to “take” their presents from the dancers. The presents are traditionally bread, chicken, a bottle of rakia or wine, and cake.  In order to “take” their presents, the best man/woman has to steal them, to buy them out or simply to win the dance competition with the other dancers.

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