Our Performances

Balkan dance workshop at Verdenspejl Festival, 28.08.2015

Dancing workshop with Danish- Bulgarian cultural society, 07.06.2015

World pictures, Open by night, 04.06.2015

Balkan Music Night at café Gyngen, 21.05.2015

International Festival in Horsens, 08.05.2015

Aarhus Festival Week, 01.09.2014

Balkan Music Night at café Gyngen, 28.08.2014

Ohøj Market in Trøjborg, 20.06.2014

Europe Festival, Open by Night, 04.06.2014

Balkan Music Night at cafe Gyngen, 27.05.2014

Anniversary concert of the band Balkan Transit, 28.11.2013

Aarhus Festival Week, 01.09.2013

Bachelorette party, 17.08.2013

Festival Mejlgade for Diversity – 11.05.2013

BalkanRytmer took part in the colorful celebration of diversity on Mejlgade  in Aarhus. On the green grass set especially for the festival, our club performed for around 30 min and showed the variety and beauty of the Balkan dance culture.

Bachelor party of Thomas Løkke Madsen and bachelorette party of Anne Sofie Læssøe Møller – 06.04.2013

BalkanRytmer entertained the guests at the bachelor party with a short lesson in traditional Balkan wedding dance. All the guests learned the steps and joined the party.

The night of culture in Aarhus (KulturNat) – 12.10.2012

BalkanRytmer performed at the night of culture in the cultural center Godsbanen and at the main square (Bispetorvet). For about an hour, more than 100 people danced to the Balkan rhythms. For more information and photos, see Aarhus Stiftidernes webpage here.